Serenity Confinement Centre

Sharing our Vision

Dr. Vivian Yap Huey Yin MD (Moscow)

Dr. Vivian is the resident in-house doctor of Serenity Confinement Centre. She is the General Practitioner heading Klinik Vivian Yap & Wan; our partner clinic located on the ground floor. Her wealth of experience, especially in the diagnosis and treatment of common childhood illnesses will greatly benefit our resident mothers and babies.

Dr. Liau Mooi Tiong MBBS (West Indies)

Dr. Liau is a very experienced doctor and also a caring mother of three. As such, her experiences in motherhood combined with her medical expertise will ensure that our resident mothers and babies will receive the best possible guidance and care. She also holds a Master of Science in the fields of anti-ageing, regenerative medicine and aesthetics. Her specialty in these fields would be of great value to mothers who are keen to regain their pre-pregnancy appearance!

Dr. Wan Ming Keong MBBS (IMU)

Dr. Wan is currently serving with the Ministry of Health in Putrajaya in the field of public health management. As such, he is very proficient in healthcare administration and will ensure that Serenity Confinement Centre acquires the very best in infrastructure and equipment. It is his vision that creates a Confinement Centre that is both exclusively luxurious but maintains the systematic efficiency of a healthcare facility.

Dr. Siah Meng Hoh MBBS (West Indies)

Dr. Siah is heading a successful private clinic in the Puchong area. His indispensable source of clinical experience and management know-how is helping to bring Serenity Health Group to the forefront of excellence. Our resident mothers and babies will definitely benefit from the vast repository of knowledge beneath his friendly and jovial demeanor.

Dr. Ooi Ben Shyen MBBS (IMU)

Dr. Ooi is the Webmaster and Technical Advisor to Serenity Health Group. He has many years of experience running a medical practice and confinement centre in Penang. Previously attached to the Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit, Dr Ooi is trained in Basic and Advanced Life Support techniques.